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Your roof is a complicated system that protects your home. When installed properly this system prevents costly and even dangerous damage to your home. Because it is a complicated system there are many variables that are considered in pricing, even beyond the product you choose to install. Some roof replacements require carpentry work to bring structures to code or replace rot, many require replacement of water damaged plywood. Often, there are improvements that need to be made to ventilation to ensure proper protection and warranty. Some roofs are very simple while others have many valleys or design elements that make the installation more time consuming and expensive. Access to the project area can also cause variation in the cost of the project. You may have noticed already that we do not provide online or over the phone estimates or ballpark figures. Without inspecting your existing system we cannot see what these additional variables might be and are not able to accurately or ethically provide a quote. Our Exteriors Consultants are highly trained by industry professionals to identify and properly estimate costs after a thorough onsite inspection. You can rest assured that our Consultants will make professional recommendations and accurate estimates to the best of their abilities.

Our consultants can help you navigate the various options for your home based on your own design preferences, the weather and elements in your homes specific location and your budget as well. In the PNW we mostly see asphalt shingles that can stand the test of time and endure our wet climate. We install only top quality products from reputable brands like Certainteed and Owen Corning and our installers are certified at the highest levels from these manufacturers.

In addition to asphalt, we have a great amount of experience in installing cedar shake, metal, and tile roofing. Some of these other products, while more expensive, can have a great impact on the style of your home while still offering great durability. Make sure you check out our gallery for some of the stunning home projects we’ve worked on for our customers.

Many roof replacement jobs take 2-3 days once the tear off of your existing roof begins. Some simple roof designs even take less time than that. Being in the PNW we know that the weather can and often will change our timelines, but there is a lot of work we can do around it as well.

We always recommend that you hire professional contractors for any work done on your home. We know, we know, we’re the professionals, recommending that you hire professionals. The same is true for the work we do on our own homes, we always hire professionals. If every homeowner hired licensed, bonded and insured professional contractors, we honestly would do a lot less roof replacements. Many of the homeowners we work with end up having to replace their roof prematurely because a friend, family member, or unqualified company did the previous roof. You might save money on the roof initially, but improper installation and ventilation can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in damage from water damage, to rot, to mold; and not just on your roof but also in your attic and in your walls as well.

The same is true when hiring a contractor, make sure they are reputable professionals. Look at reviews online but go beyond that as well. Protectmyhome.net allows you to verify your contractor through WA L&I. Look for companies that are licensed, bonded and insured as well as any safety violations they may have had. If they are not, then all of the liability can fall on the homeowner, even for injuries of the unlicensed workers themselves. You want a contractor that is running an ethical business which takes care of both their customers and their employees.

If you look up at your shingles and can see exposed asphalt or fiberglass fuzz at the base of the shingle, they are no longer protecting your home. Any cracks in the asphalt, granules found in your gutters or in the bottom of your downspouts can be signs of failure. Shingles that are lifted or windblown show signs of damage as do any exposed staples. In addition to looking up at your roof every now and then, particularly after a windy or rainy season, we recommend accessing your attic at least twice a year (once in summer when the weather is dry and once in winter when it’s wet.) When you do so you’re looking for signs of moisture such as active dripping or areas that are damp, soft spots, dark stains or white water marks.

The durability of your roofing system depends highly on the quality of the installation and materials used. Most asphalt shingles were designed to last around 30 years, but if not properly installed may not last anywhere near that long. We have, unfortunately, replaced failed roofs that were installed less than 5 years prior.

It’s always worth asking your insurance company. Most policies will only cover storm damage with proper documentation. We are happy to provide you with the information you need as you work to file a claim with your insurance company. However, we do not work directly with insurance company.

On every roof we install we provide a 25 year workmanship warranty. In addition most products we install come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty to cover any defects. We are certified with major manufactures which means they also add a backup workmanship warranty on our installations in addition to the two warranties previously mentioned.

There’s no real shortcut here. Do your research. Talk to friends and family. Look at reviews online. Protectmyhome.net allows you to verify your contractor through WA L&I look for companies that make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured and look for any safety violations as well. We recommend finding a company that has been doing business under the same name for at least 10 years. Many companies will start under a new name once they’ve had safety violations or gotten into financial trouble under their previous business name.


When thinking about replacing your siding there are many costs to consider. In addition to the siding itself, there could be a need to replace rotted framing or window casings, as well as water damaged insulation. The overall costs of the project will also increase based on the number of floors on your home, what type of access there is to the work area and whether or not there is any decking that will need to be dismantled and reinstalled. These are all considerations beyond just the cost of the materials you choose. Our consultants can help you find the right product for you in your specific location at the right price for your budget.

James Hardie Hardieplank fiber cement is by far the most reputable and high performing product for homes in the Puget Sound area. Hardie has been around for a long time and has been proven to do very well in our unique climate. There are newer materials that look promising but just haven’t been around as long to know how they will hold up to the moisture in the PNW. Hardie is also non-combustible and has a great fire resistance rating which can bring you peace of mind and sometimes help reduce homeowner insurance premiums.

We do offer other types of siding from cedar plank and vinyl. Some customers choose vinyl for its light weight and cost effectiveness; but it does tend to fade, get brittle and is susceptible to breakage. Cedar plank is also a popular PNW choice because of its unique aesthetic. We do, however, offer Hardieplank that provides a similar look with added durability. Again, our consultants do an excellent job of pairing your home’s needs with your aesthetic and budget. Our estimates are always free. If you are just getting started an estimate can be a great way to learn a bit about exteriors and begin your planning.

Siding replacement job durations vary based on the size and levels of the home, access to the project site, area prep needed to protect your home and landscape, carpentry needed and the type of product installed. Typically, we finish most jobs in 4-5 days once tear off begins.

Hire a professional. We’ve been trained and certified to install products by the manufacturers to ensure the warranty is fully executed. We guarantee a warranty from the manufacturer, which is not valid if not installed properly, as well as a workmanship warranty from Patriot as well. Using a professional also extends the life of your siding because of all the small things professionals do that you might miss. Siding protects your house and leaks can hide in poorly installed siding for years and cause tens of thousands in rot damage. Always make sure you hire a licensed, bonded and insured contractor who is certified to install the product you choose. Do your research to limit your liability and protect your investment.

Deterioration. Seeing soft or broken pieces of siding or trim. Warping of the product. When doing any work on the exterior of your home, it’s worth looking into. Especially when replacing windows, bundling the two together can save you money. We do offer window replacement as an add on to our siding products.

Hardieplank Fiber Cement has the longest lifespan with a 30 year warranty for the siding material. Others are less than that. The lifespan of your siding can be extended with good care and maintenance and professional installation.

James Hardie's range of siding products come with a 30-year, non-prorated warranty and trim products come with a 15-year, non-prorated warranty. Additionally, Patriot provides a workmanship warranty with all of our installations. Our exteriors consultants can help walk you through all of our warranty options during a free estimate.

There’s no way around it. You must do your research. Check out reviews online and ask friends and family for referrals and their experience with local contractors. The website protectmyhome.net allows you to verify your contractor through WA L&I look for companies that make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured and look for any safety violations as well. We recommend finding a company that has been doing business under the same name for at least 10 years. Many companies will start under a new name once they’ve had safety violations or gotten into financial trouble under their previous business name.

It’s always worth looking into. If you’ve experienced storm damage to your siding it is possible that your insurance may cover the cost of replacement. Homeowners policies do not typically cover normal wear and tear, failures due to poor installation or maintenance. If you are working with an insurance company, we can provide you with any documentation you need for the process as you work with them.

The pros of fiber cement, like Hardieplank, are numerous. It is durable, fade resistant, will not get brittle, will not swell or warp. Additionally, it’s storm damage resistant, non-combustible and can lower your insurance premiums. It has been used in our area long enough to know it performs well in Western Washington. James Hardie manufactures full systems including fittings and trip so there is no need to retrofit the siding with other 3rd party products.

Vinyl siding is often used because of it’s cost effectiveness and also because it is lightweight. It is however prone to fade, crack and warp. It does not have nearly the same lifespan as fiber cement siding.

Cedar plank is a popular option in the Northwest due to its beautiful aesthetic. While some prefer real cedar and do not mind the upkeep, the cost or the shorter lifespan, those looking for both that cedar look and durability have Hardiplank options that suit them.


Most gutter jobs cost somewhere between $1500 and $5000, but we have seen large jobs be as much as 25k. The number of stories on the home, the ability to access the area with a ladder and the type of material drive the cost of the installation. Our exteriors consultants can provide a free inspection and estimate to help you find a solution for your home and budget.

Seamless gutters, which can only be fabricated onsite with professional equipment, are effective in preventing gutters from getting jammed and have less opportunity for rust or the need for resealing over time. Patriot uses heavy duty hangers on each rafter which helps to support the weight of gutters when they are full of leaves, debris and snow to prevent sagging. Size also matters when it comes to gutters, the bigger the better when it comes to proper flow. You may find other gutter systems with a 3” or 4” gutter, but Patriot installs only 5” or 6” gutters to maximize effectiveness. We offer two styles: K-style and fascia style gutter systems.

This depends on the type of product installed and the quality of installation. Gutters should be replaced when water flows in the wrong direction or when there is leaking or falling or sagging. Broken or worn gutters can cause water damage to your home and should be addressed immediately.

We always recommend hiring a professional. Seamless gutters can only be fabricated using specialized professional equipment and are of far better quality than the box store sets homeowners may have access to. With a professional installation you have the peace of mind that comes from a warranty; provided you’ve done your research to make sure you’ve hired a quality contractor who installs a quality product. With Patriot you know you’ve got a professional install, great warranty, and help if problems arise.

If you see leaking, water flowing in the wrong direction, sagging or rust it’s definitely time to replace your gutters.

Typically, we are looking at 1-2 days to complete a gutter project. Factors such as the number of floors on your home, ability to access the work area and project size can increase the amount of time needed for the job.

Patriot provides a 10 year leak free warranty on our gutter installations which covers materials and workmanship.

Always do your due diligence when choosing a contractor. Make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured to limit your liability as a homeowner. Protectmyhome.net can assist you in the contractor lookup process. Make sure to talk to other friends and family in addition to reading reviews online. Pay special attention to reviews that mention when a problem did arise and how the contractor handled the situation. Lastly, look at how long they have been in business under the same name, knowing sometimes contractors will open new businesses under a different name when they’ve run into L&I safety issues, customer complaints or financial trouble.

For the most part, in the Puget Sound, insurance is only involved in gutter replacement in the incident of a tree strike. Policies typically will not cover heavy snow pack or heavy rain pulling gutters down. It always depends on your policy and coverage, and doesn’t hurt to ask.

Seamless gutters are created in longer format without seams between shorter pieces, like what can be found in big box home improvement stores. They are custom made and fabricated on site. Less seams means less opportunity for leaks and less rust formation. They are also lower maintenance, easier to clean, and they have less need to be resealed over time. Less seams also means less opportunity for debris to get caught and cause jams. We highly recommend seamless gutters for every home.