Puget Sound Roof Contractors Wind Damage Repair

By far, most damage done to roofs occurs during storms. Strong gusts of wind will pull up on shingles while rain seeps underneath. Even hail causes damage when it impacts the roof causing small dents and holes.

Thankfully, your roof is tough and can make it through most storms unscathed. When that one bad storm causes damage, you want to get on top of repairing it quickly to prevent future issues. Otherwise, you may end up needing a total roof replacement as well as water damage repairs inside the home. The best way to decide whether to hire a roofing contractor is by checking the roof for signs of wind damage. Here’s what to look out for:

Stone Grit in Downspouts and Roof Valleys

Heavy winds and rain can wash the stone grit away from asphalt shingles making them less durable and prone to further damage from excess sun and rain. You’ll see dark bands running along your roof or black patches where the tar has been exposed.

Lifting Shingles During Winds

If you can literally see the high winds lifting your shingles, it’s a sign you’ll need to replace them. When the shingles lift, it breaks the sealant between each layer potentially allowing water to enter. It also pulls on the nails, creating a loose shingle. Wind damage restoration can be covered by your roof insurance, so when you suspect damage after high winds, don't hesitate to schedule a roof inspection to prevent the damage from compounding over time.

Curling Shingles on the Roof

As shingles age, they will start to curl a little bit. However, if you suddenly see curling or see a lot of curling after a storm it’s not a good sign. When the shingles curl up a lot it creates another opening for water to seep into during the next storm.

Damaged Flashing Around Chimneys and Pipes

Strong winds can also pull up on chimney flashing and the flashing around pipes and skylights. If you can see them, check whether the metal flashing is split or missing. The cracks between your exhaust pipes and the shingles will be open for water and unwanted critters to enter.

Visible Debris on the Roof

Even a small amount of visible debris, such as a few branches, could have caused damage when it hit the roof. You may try to remove the debris to see what the shingles look like underneath. Just be safe when you do so. Avoid walking on the roof, if you can. A roofing contractor can quickly remove the debris during an inspection and check the shingles underneath for you.

If you are worried about wind damage on your roof after a storm, reach out to Patriot Roofing. We’ll send a roofer out to thoroughly check your property for all the above and more hidden issues. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form right away.