It's something no homeowner wants to hear, "We've uncovered severe rot and pest damage."  It's also news no contractor wants to deliver.  What's worse than hearing about damage that could cost your family thousands in unexpected repairs? A contractor that won't take care of the issues properly because they don't want to give you the bad news or take the extra time to do the added repairs. 

The original scope on this Port Orchard home included strengthening beams in the gabled areas of the roof.  However, once crews began to remove the original roof, it was clear that the beams, as well as the rafters and plywood underlayment, would need to be replaced.  What began as a 6 day project turned into a 16 day job.  At Patriot, our customers have chosen us for their re-roofing projects because we are committed to doing the job right with a high level of professionalism and integrity.  So while it was no fun for either party to have to rearrange schedules and come up with extra funds, our customers can rest assured that we are just as committed to caring for their home as they are.

We, unfortunately, run into roofs all the time which we're laid over rotting or damaged structures to save the previous contractor the extra time and the customer money it would cost to do the job right.  While the product on a roof could have lasted up to 30 years, if improperly installed, the whole thing has to be removed prematurely and any warranty that the product manufacturer may have offered is null and void.  At Patriot, we don't cut corners.  If you're underlayment is in poor condition we will have that conversation with you and not just cover it up.  We will stay at your job, beyond the expected time frame, to make sure the work is done well and your home is protected.