Even the youngest members of the Patriot Family take safety seriously!  When we say Family, we mean it.  Each time our Patriot Family gathers together to celebrate at the holidays or share a summer picnic, it's clear that we are about so much more than roofs.  There are over a 100 people who depend on Patriot as their livelihood.  I wish you could all see it!  There are so many sweet families and kids of all ages who we've had the privilege of watching grow and change.  It's so important our employees uphold the highest safety standards not only because our owners, business and the state of Washington demands it but because their families depend on it. 

(Claire - 5, Noah - 8, Jaclyn 3, just a few of Steve & Susan's Grandkids)

As our customers, you too are part of our  Patriot Family, and you too count on us to maintain a safe work environment and ensure a positive experience for you as a homeowner. Whether you're a hometown resident of Gig Harbor, WA or a resident of any other town we serve, we value you and understand that you need a contractor you can count on.  That's why at Patriot we are dedicated to you and your home.