Testimonials for Patriot Roofing

Adam P. of Fox Island, WA
Terry explains how he could not have been happier with his experience with Patriot Roofing. He shares how professional, and accommodating the company was in the process of replacing his roof. Terry states that he is familiar with best practices in the contracting business, and Patriot Roofing met all the standards expected from a Class A operation. 
Terry L. of Gig Harbor, WA
Robin shares that the sales manager, project manager, and crews with Patriot Roofing were great to work with. He describes the staff with Patriot Roofing as professional, knowledgeable, and friendly to work with. 
Robin F of Gig Harbor, WA
Ron and Sharon shares how professional of a job their roof replacement was with Patriot Roofing. Ron and Sharon were pleased with the vibrant materials used and the great work done by the crews.
Ron & Sharon of Gig Harbor, WA
Steve shares that he would highly recommend Patriot Roofing. He liked how responsive Patriot Roofing is, they explained the process, and the quality of the roof replacement was outstanding. 
Steve, G of Gig Harbor, WA
Bill says that Patriot roofing did a great job, and if he has another roof to put on, he would choose them. 
Bill, P of Gig Harbor,, WA
Mike and Jennifer talks about getting a roof replacement by Patriot Roofing.  Mike and Jennifer share how they are fully confident that their new roof installed by Patriot Roofing has great quality and will last.
Mike & Jennifer of Gig Harbor,, WA
Larry shares that he had a peace of mind working with Patriot Roofing because their project was explained with answered questions. 
Larry, U of Gig Harbor,, WA
Ron shares that Patriot Roofing was recommended to him and his wide, Linda from a friend. He explaines how amazed at how professional Patriot Roofing is and that the roof exceeded their expectations. 
Ron, S of Gig Harbor, WA
They are professional!
Angela L. of Silverdale, WA
Summary. I highly recommend Patriot Roofing based on our experience with them replacing our asphalt shingle roof on our two-story home. From start to finish, they were a great company to work with. In the end, they've exceeded my high expectations. Consultation Day. Jim came to our home on time, analyzed our roof, and gave us a free cost estimate. He explained the installation process, product and payment options, and warranty. He noticed we needed additional vents to bring our roof to code. At the end of the day, we had a detailed cost estimate and product brochures. We didn't decide just yet. Decision Day. We decided to go with Patriot based on past reviews and a clear cut warranty. Jim came back out and we spent thirty minutes or so trying to pick a color. Jim went back and forth from his truck with around six heavy samples until we made a final decision. Again, he didn't rush us and did not have a pushy attitude. Installation Day 1. Enrique, the job foreman, introduced himself and he was my main point of contact for the installation, which took two complete days. It was loud and messy, but there's no way around it. They brought out a dumpster and portable toilet, and one of those delivery trucks with the telescoping arms came by to deliver the shingles. Day 1 was mostly demolition and installing roof felt. They could have done a better job cleaning up after Day 1. They left tools out that I was worried would get stolen, but luckily they weren't. Installation Day 2. The crew was back early and worked super hard to install the shingles. They even separated what used to be a joint bathroom exhaust duct and installed an additional vent at no extra cost. They did charge me to replace one panel OSB roof sheathing which I knew upfront. At the end of Day 2, the roof looked great. I walked the roof with Enrique to go over areas that needed to be fixed. He assured me that someone would come back to address these items. After they completed their cleanup, I was very impressed after seeing the mess the demolition caused. They had rolling magnets that they ran all over my grounds to pick up all the nails, staples, etc. All of the construction debris was cleaned out of the gutters. When I did my final walk through, I'd say they exceeded my expectations with the installation and clean up. Follow Up. The owner, Steve, came out a few days later to look at the job and collect the final payment. Steve took his time and went over the items we had discussed with Enrique plus a few I added to the list. Steve handed us our packet which included our written warranty and said someone would be out within a few days to fix the outstanding items. Sure enough, they came out a few days later and fixed everything. Since then, we've had lots of rain and happy to say no leaks. I have a written, no fuss, warranty from the company and roofing manufacturer CertainTeed, so I'm confident that I chose the right company. Thank you Patriot Roofing!
Jason D. of Auburn, WA
Thanks for sending John over so quickly to check out my roof. I really appreciated his honesty in explaining what really needed to be done as opposed to how much could be done to increase cost to me. It was like a dentist saying you need this crown for $500, but for $10,000 I could make your smile like a movie star. It made my decision easy, and you have saved me a considerable amount of money. Thanks to you and John both. Wishing you continued success with your business.
Nick S. of Puyallup, WA
They did a great job on our late 1800s victorian home: the roof looks immaculate. They were very professional and kind and we are very satisfied with the product.
Lucas B. of Tacoma, WA
We are very impressed by all aspects of the process and the final product with Patriot Roofing on the project and gladly recommend the company. Of the three companies we invited to bid on the project, Patriot Roofing's cost was lower mid-range, but they brought a high level of quality and professionalism to the job, with foremost customer care and satisfaction. John Campopiano was a breath of fresh air, making a short but complete pitch noting several times that we should not just believe what he said, but rather we should verify. John's demeanor and comfortable explanation of the process was a selling point. He was the only one to make any mention that we needed to install a new plywood deck over the top of the original shiplap to accommodate the new shingles. Our home is 60 years old; we have owned it for 21 years, and it has seen a few roofing jobs--this is the second one for us; now we know why they didn't last. When we questioned him about the necessity of the plywood deck, as no one else mentioned it, he showed us the manufacturer's warranty guidebook and the page that explained it very clearly. We did our due diligence and verified that fact from the manufacturers web site. We felt that we would be taken care of responsibly at that point. The addition of the plywood actually makes the house feel more solid, quiet, and comfortable. Alejandro was the project team lead on site and arrived on time as expected. He introduced himself and his team members and began with a walk around the property and explanation of the process, asking if it was okay if they positioned their operations at particular points or not--a very nice change from most contractors that show up and do as they like. The company also brought in their own porta-potty to the site. We're always concerned for the survival of our landscaping ( and the countless hours that have gone into planting and care ). We needn't have worried as they took particular care not to damage our house or garden. The roofing team worked well together, helping each other out. Because of the trees in the front blocking access, they had to use a specialized truck to deliver the shingles to the roof and carry in all other materials. They made quick work of that and the removal of all old materials without damaging a single living thing. Every day when they left, the job site was cleaned and there were no stray nails left behind. When the crew felt all was complete, Alejandro and the crew confirmed that we were satisfied and then they packed up and left it clean as the day they showed up. They also sent an inspector, Mr. Alarcon, to see that all was done as they promised. To our surprise, two days later, Steve Campbell (the Company President), came to the house by appointment to enquire about our satisfaction with their installation. He provided a packet with 4 1/2 pages of photos of the job, in various stages, showing us how each important point of concern was addressed, such as the valley ice and water shield and starter strip. He also asked us for feedback on any aspect where we felt they could do better before requesting payment--a sign of real customer concern. We couldn't be happier, that is why we have already recommended Patriot Roofing to others.
Edward T. of Tacoma, WA
Overall we are very pleased with the job. The staff were great and on time. The roof looks awesome and we have no complaints. Please thank the guys for all their hard work.
Scott & Dorothy R. of Tacoma, WA
I've known Steve for several years and can testify to his integrity and strength of character. He has tons of experience in the construction industry and is well-versed in all areas of home construction, specializing in roofing for many years now. I know that he values caring for his clients and providing them the best service possible, all while providing top-quality work. The work he has done at my house is impressive - after 5 years, friends and family still comment on how good the quality of his work is. Steve is dependable and honest and will do the job well.
Tom V. of Tacoma, WA
Great job and great service! Thank You
Gail S. of Tacoma, WA
Very impressed with the company. Salesman, John, was knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. He was very likeable and non pressure. Out of 7 bids Patriot Roofing gave us the best value. They did what they said they would do. Workers were very professional, showed up on time, finished on time and did a great job cleaning up. I highly recommend Patriot Roofing.
Jane M. of University Place, WA
The weather had set the project back several times. Each time I received a e-mail of the delay and a new tentative date. I was always asked if the new date was acceptable.
Gary B. of Seattle, WA
"Everything from the bid to the completion of the job went outstanding and very professional. I got what I wanted and asked for. If we were to give Patriot Roofing a rating on a scale from 1 to 10, we would give you a 20."
Johnnie R. of Fox Island, WA
We are extremely happy with the whole experience and outcome of the project. A huge breath of fresh air compared to other subcontractors we have dealt with. You are an awesome company.
Michael & Shelly B. of Olalla, WA
When we decided it was time for a new roof, we did our homework and had four different bids. The numbers came in across the board with some being unrealistically low, as well as high. We weren't looking for the least expensive, just a trustworthy company that would stand behind their work, do it in a professional & timely manner, for a reasonable price. We totally found that with Patriot. They were always either on time or early for appointments, were professional and courteous and took pride in their work. From John, the salesman, to Eberardo and his crew, to Steve, the owner……….ALL the Patriot crew went above and beyond our expectations of a roofing experience. We would highly recommend Patriot Roofing to anyone in the market for a new roof.
Shelly & Mike of Olalla, WA
John did a great job of informing us of the scope of work and the workmen were punctual, courteous, and professional. We would highly recommend this company.
Mark & Tamara S. of Bainbridge Island, WA
We have just got ourselves a great new roof, new gutters and four new skylights from Patriot Roofing in Gig Harbor. Our 23-year-old concrete tile roof (this kind of roof is NOT a good choice for the northwest US) was leaky, too heavy for the structure and expensive to maintain, so we wanted to replace it with a higher-end composition shingle roof -- one that would look good and last long. We got estimates from three reputable roofing companies in the area, and chose Patriot because they clearly wanted to the job right. Their quote was neither the highest nor lowest, but was reasonable for the work. John, our estimator, was thorough and great to work with. The roofing crew, headed up by Santiago, was fast, hard-working, and kept everything clean. Santiago did a great job of keeping us informed on progress. Ederardo, who oversees all the roofing projects, came by to advise us on skylight flashing (and saved us some money too). After the new roof was installed, Nestor and his crew did the carpentry, building four very nicely finished skylight wells through tight quarters in the attic. They built a pair of "plastic rooms" inside the house to contain dust and fiberglass and all the other stuff, and it worked really well. When they finished, they just collapsed the "rooms," bagged them and took them out -- the house stayed amazingly clean. Patriot uses a subcontractor for gutters, and the sub was flexible in giving us time to repaint our fascia boards before installing the new gutters. It all went according to plan & schedule, everybody was friendly and hard-working, and we experienced no problems at all. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Patriot and if we were to choose again, we'd go with them again.
Douglas S. of Gig Harbor, WA
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