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Patriot Roofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Tacoma. Learn more about Patriot Roofing's recent work requests in Tacoma and nearby areas!

Learn more about Patriot Roofing's recent work requests in Tacoma, WA
Vicinity of Pioneer W E in Tacoma
Need a new roof
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Roof repair for leaks on home that is currently listed for sale/under contract with a buyer. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible. I have an inspection report that I can forward over.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
In need of a new roof and interior work due to our skylight leaking.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Purchasing an investment property and interested in a quote and scheduling of roof repair or replacement.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
We believe there might be a leak in our roof
Vicinity of N Whitman Street in Tacoma
We need to remove two layers of shingles down to the plywood and replace the shingles.
Vicinity of S K St in Tacoma
I want wood siding to replace old siding
Vicinity of N Huson in Tacoma
There are some leaks in flat roof areas at rear of home that need to be addressed before the rainy season
Vicinity of N L St in Tacoma
I have two plastic skylights that are cracked and inefficient. They are approximately 3ftx6ft, located on a slight pitched roof. I am interested in replacing them with energy efficient glass.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
I need an estimate for replacing a new roof
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Hi- I would like an estimate for a new roof. I assume new gutters and skylight too? I hope my roof will last another winter so I can save up. I live in a windy area so I need the type of shingles that will stay on! Currently have asphalt.
Vicinity of S I St in Tacoma
I think i am in need of new shingles. Current shingles are failing and falling off.
Vicinity of Vickery Ave. E. in Tacoma
Need a roof replacement for my home and an out building.
Vicinity of N Harmon St in Tacoma
Age of roof and whether or not it needs replacing now or in a couple of years.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
We have a small roof (15.5 by 9.5) over an extension on the back of our house. It is a metal roof and has been leaking. We would like to get an estimate of the cost to remove it and replace it with a TPO Membrane roof. Thanks! Tom
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Evaluate roof for replacement
Vicinity of in Tacoma
I would like a bid for a new roof. I would also like to know the price for different types of materials.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Need an estimate for a roof leak repair and water damage, rot repair, and mold in the wall.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Rotting rafter rails and sheeting
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Need new roof! Have lived in house 17 years, and roof was few years old then, so it's overdue.
Vicinity of N Bennett St in Tacoma
We are interested in our roof replaced with possibly adding better ventilation to our attic space.
Vicinity of S Rochester St in Tacoma
My attic has poor ventilation and needs to be inspected. I also have a chimney that I would like to remove. Thank you.
Vicinity of Palisades Place in Tacoma
We're have an area in our flat roof that's leaking.
Vicinity of N Aurora Ave in Tacoma
We are looking to replace the roof on our home and garage. It's currently a tar and gravel roof.
Vicinity of N Winnifred St in Tacoma
Need a new roof!
Vicinity of in Tacoma
I have what I was told is a torch down roof. It's very low slope and has a coating painted on it. It also has in roof gutters that don't work very well. I would like to talk to someone about how much it will cost to get several things done. 1) I would like to look at getting the roof painted again as I see a couple places it looks faded and cracked and also is peeling up near one of the gutter drains. 2) I would like to look at getting the gutters removed and traditional gutters installed 3) I would like to look into getting the roof raised and shingled. Based on the cost of each solution and the feasibility I will decide which option to have done
Vicinity of E C Street in Tacoma
We are looking for a bid for a new roof. Please contact me Monday or Tuesday, I am generally available to answer calls those days. Thanks!
Vicinity of N. Lexington in Tacoma
Current roof at end of life. No leaks. Needs replacement roof and replacement non-opening skylights (3 of them). Interested in options regarding skylights and price differential (i.e., encased blinds).
Vicinity of Gay Rd E in Tacoma
Hello we are purchasing a home, our closing date is June 11th, we just had a home inspection done that recommended we get some work done. I would be happy to send a copy of the roofing part of the inspection in order to get the most accurate estimate possible.Thank you for your time
Vicinity of S M Street in Tacoma
Need roof repair on house and roof replacement on garage.
Vicinity of Tacoma Mall Blvd in Tacoma
I'm looking to roof and reside my building.
Vicinity of S Sheridan Ave in Tacoma
I would like to get an estimate on the cost of installing skylights into my attic office.
Vicinity of S Durango St in Tacoma
We have a torch down roof and we are looking to replace it, we also need new gutters and soffit
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Roof problems: 1) There is a gap that can be seen from the attic where roof pitches meet (you can see sky through the gap) 2) There is organic/fungal growth in one spot in the attic 3) Would like the rest of the roof evaluated for repair 4) There is a plumbing vent/pipe that leads into the attic, but does not extend through the roof to the outside
Vicinity of in Tacoma
I have a leak in my roof and I need help fixing it. Could someone stop by next monday? Thanks!
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Our roof is old, I don't know what it would be better at this point, a repair or a new roof... I don't know if there are any leaks but it wouldn't surprise me if our old roof would start leaking "tomorrow". Having somebody to come and inspect our roof and give us a free estimate it is a good start.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
End-of-life roof on a small bungalow home I am in the process of purchasing on North 15th. Would love to get new roof on it in the next couple months. Thank you.
Vicinity of N Proctor St in Tacoma
We have a home built in 1946. We were told it has 3 layers of roofing on it. We obviously need that removed and replaced. We are also wanting to get estimates for adding a small covered porch to the front of our house and having that roofed. We may build the porch ourselves, but would need it roofed.
Vicinity of Shorecliff Dr Ne in Tacoma
Looking at getting siding replaced
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Water leaking down into my bedroom through sheetrock. Stuck my head in attic and all the seams where the plywood meet are moist.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Older home and shop need new roof
Vicinity of Fawcett Ave in Tacoma
Leak coming from ceiling
Vicinity of N Pearl St in Tacoma
I have a few shingles that came off my roof during the wind storm this past weekend. I am looking for someone to replace them.
Vicinity of S G St in Tacoma
South/weather facing side of our cedar shingle roof curling up quite a bit. Looking for quote for repair or replace.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Roof is 22 years old and skylight leaked last year.
Vicinity of DIVISION AVE N in Tacoma
I was referred by my attorney, Danica Morgan. i need a roof ASAP. I have been given the run around since August by unreliable roofers.
Vicinity of S Lawrence St in Tacoma
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Roof replacement on main home and potentially garage. Main home has 2 layers of 3tab.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Shingles missing from opposite ends of my 2 slope roof, 2-story, rather steep. I have one leak I know about, found 1/29. I believe the shingles were blown off on 1/27 at some point. I have a claim in to my insurance company. I need it tarped as well. Not sure if I need a replacement or just repair. The roof is 20+ years old.
Vicinity of North Summit Road in Tacoma
Looking to get a quote on a roof replacement. The existing roof is 23+ years old, 3 tab asphalt.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Recently purchased a building - gathering quotes on siding, roof repair, and roof replacement (if necessary).
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Need a new roof.
Vicinity of Park Ave S in Tacoma
Addition to an exist building with around 2000 sft shingle roof.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Leaking into bedroom causing damage to ceiling. Possibly leaking from vent on roof.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Vicinity of E G St in Tacoma
I have owned my home for under 2 years, and am noticing much buckling in the vinyl siding. After the heavy windcstorms, a piece has been partially detatched. I would love to find an affordable solution to protect my home and improve its visual appeal as well. I have Wednesday off, and would love an estimate!
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Roof is becoming old, I would like evaluation of condition and estimate of work for when it would need replaced.
Vicinity of N. Scenic View Ln in Tacoma
Roof leak showing at laundry ceiling.
Vicinity of E B St in Tacoma
Think time for roof replacement, home is 24x54 manufactured home 1983
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Rood sloping west is leaking., dripping through the roof, ceiling into the room below.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
We have some missing "tabs" on our roof and need some shingles replaced before it gets worse.
Vicinity of N. Starr St. in Tacoma
I have a home in north Tacoma that could use a moss removal treatment, mostly on the north facing areas. Does Patriot provide that service?
Vicinity of Aqueduct Dr E in Tacoma
Leaking roof above kitchen
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Need to replace siding on sides of house.
Vicinity of Yakima Ave in Tacoma
Hello Looking at our roof it looks like it's due to be replaced. I'd like an estimate for replacing the roof with a complete tear off. I would like Metal valleys, ridge vent if possible, and the installation of 2 roof anchors so I can tie off when I clean my roof. Many Thanks, Matthew-
Vicinity of Port View Pl NE in Tacoma
We have a cedar shingle roof. We purchased the home 2 years ago. The roof was treated and shingles were replaced right before we moved in. The real estate agent told us we should have it maintained every couple of years. So we just need an assessment and recommendation for what should be done now. We also plan to replace the entire thing in a couple of years.
Vicinity of South L Street in Tacoma
I have a detached two car garage with alley access. The garage has a flat roof that needs replacing with some structural fixes as well. I'm in the process of re-financing our home through our bank and the appraisal came back with a contingency of the garage roof needing to be replaced BEFORE I can get the re-fi.
Vicinity of N Alder St in Tacoma
The house is approx 31 x 32 ft, story and a half. It has a single layer asphalt roof . I'm looking ro replace the asphalt or just going over it. Depends on the cost whitch way I go. When the roof was installed the wood was replaced so it should be ok. I received a coupon in the mail for a special so I thought I would contact you to see what I'm looking at.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Vicinity of S. C. St in Tacoma
Roof repair or replacement and new siding on 1 side of the home.
Vicinity of South Warner St in Tacoma
I have a roof that needs moss removal, and there are also some shingles that are curling/damaged and need to be replaced. I am not sure if your company does moss removal but I thought I would write anyway, thank you!
Vicinity of N. Baltimore in Tacoma
Just need an estimate on getting a new roof on my house.
Vicinity of N Adams St. in Tacoma
Looking for a complete roof replacement on our home & garage. Please call me anytime for more details. -Mark
Vicinity of Golden Given Rd. E in Tacoma
Replacement roof Asphalt, Shingle on Rambler approximately 1,600 sq ft.
Vicinity of S Oakes St in Tacoma
We have a bow in the south side of our roof. We would just like an estimate on that one side. We aren't sure how it got bowed but we do have a broken rafter in our crawl space. We have already done our porch and north side. There wasn't any damage there.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
I have a flat roof on my home that is not that old (2009), however, it has at least two leaks that need to be repaired and given the amount of issues i have had since moving in to my home 4 years ago, I am curious if it needs outright replacement. Would love to hear from your team!
Vicinity of N. Gove in Tacoma
Fascia boards need replacement, replace wood slats with plywood, use metal vents. I had leaking when plastic vents cracked. Home is 1300 sq ft rambler. Would also like to try having insulation done while roof is open.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Need estimate to repair siding on one side of house
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Our roof is Asphalt Shingles - 21 years old. We noticed a dark spot on a ceiling in an upstairs bedroom that appears to be from a leak. Need to repair and clean, or replace if needed. Two story residence with detached garage.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
I would like a quote on architectual roofing and one for standing seam.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Need a new roof as selling the home.
Vicinity of S CEDAR ST in Tacoma
8 windows trim and siding rot. Door. Door trim rot. Other siding repair.
Vicinity of Hume St in Tacoma
I need a new roof.
Vicinity of North Prospect Street in Tacoma
Would like to obtain an estimate for a roof replacement project
Vicinity of N Park Way in Tacoma
Roof replacement for detached 2 car garage
Vicinity of N Ferdinand St in Tacoma
Would like a quote for roof replacement
Vicinity of N Narrows Dr in Tacoma
Home needs a new roof, flashing, etc. Would like to schedule on a Thursday or Friday next week.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Need a new roof and also have an unused chimney in the center of the house that needs to be taken down below the roofline.
Vicinity of Fawcett Avenue in Tacoma
When it rains I have a dripping leak from a small flat area of my roof.
Vicinity of Silver Bow Rd NE in Tacoma
Need new roof, interested in financing options.
Vicinity of So. Cushman Avenue in Tacoma
Overlay roof bid
Vicinity of S Ferry Street in Tacoma
I have a flat roof that holds standing water and a shallow pitch roof that both need replacing.
Vicinity of N Bristol Street in Tacoma
I am buying a house soon that has an older roof. I was recommended to at the very least get moss removal done. I don't know if you all also have that service or not. I'm aware that the roof is going to need replaced. I do not know if I can do this during this year or next year but would like an estimate so I can start planning ahead for this and the cost of it.
Vicinity of S Mullen St in Tacoma
We have an aging roof that has developed a leak. We are looking to have it repaired and/or replaced.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
Just discovered leak coming from fan in bathroom. Need new roof anyway.
Vicinity of South Bennett in Tacoma
We need a quote on a new roof.
Vicinity of South J Street in Tacoma
I bought my Tacoma craftsman in 2014 and it was billed as having a newer roof. However, it appears that at least the area around the chimney needs repair, there is a leak in that area of the attic. No dripping, but moisture on the interior part of the chimney, which is seeping through to stain the sealant. I'd love someone to come out and repair the area around the chimney, as well as take a look at the overall state of the roof. Thanks!
Vicinity of South Madison St. in Tacoma
I would like an estimate on a complete new roof, including tear down and hauling away of old materials. The garage doesn't need a new roof (it was replaced within the last ten years) We would be using composite tiles (like the ones already on the roof). Thanks for your time
Vicinity of S Monroe St in Tacoma
Older asphalt shingle roof nearing end of life. House is ~1600sf, garage is ~600sf. Looking to stay with shingles most likely, but are curious about metal roofing as well.
Vicinity of in Tacoma
I need a roof replacement on an 1100 Sq ft ranch style home. I am hoping to get a free estimate. I am available Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.
Vicinity of N. Yakima Ave. in Tacoma
The strong winds last week blew off several shingles. Another company put on tarp and said many other shingles are at the end of their life expectancy. So, we are requesting another opinion to advise on whether to go with a repair of the recent damage or a new roof. Thanks.
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