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Rambler Redo in University Place

This customer called us with a failing roof that was ready for complete replacement.  Upon inspection by our consultant Levi, we found there were active leaks, damaged plywood decking and extensive mold throughout the decking.  

We replaced the existing asphalt roofing system with all new decking, ventilation new Certainteed Northgate shingles in Max Definition Weathered Wood.  In addition, due to the mold we replaced the damaged insulation with new.  Finally, we topped off the whole thing with brand new gutters.  

Storm Reveals Roof Weakness in Port Orchard, WA

Sometimes all it takes is one good storm to really reveal the weakness in an old aging roof.  This roof in Port Orchard was already experiencing minor moisture penetration and damage before a good old PNW winter rainstorm came through.  After the storm, it was clear the aging composite shingles were at the end of their life with many cracked and missing and serious leaking occurring requiring an emergency tarp to be installed before the entire roof could be replaced.

We always recommend that customers contact us early if they suspect that their roof is at the end of its usefulness.  Click here for signs.  If it is, its always better to schedule a consultation before the rain begins.  Not only does this prevent further damage and expense but also you can imagine when a storm does come through, a roofers' calendar gets full very fast.  The best-case scenario is to have addressed any needed repairs or replacement before the rainy season begins!

These customers can rest assured this fall that their new roofing system with Certainteed Northgate composite shingles in Max Def Granite Gray will keep them warm and dry for many many years to come.

Damaged Roof Replaced in Port Orchard, WA

Sometimes it's just time for a new roof.  The roof on this ranch style home in Port Orchard had seen the end of its usefulness.  The shingles were cracked and leaking and had caused moisture damage to the underlying plywood.  

Patriot Roofing installed a brand new roofing system with improved ventilation, updates to bring the roof to code and new skylights to improve energy efficiency.  This beautiful roof used Certainteed Landmark Algae Resistant shingles in a Heather Blend as well as Velux Skylights.

Emergency Repair to Beautiful New Roof Gig Harbor, WA

This Gig Harbor homeowner called us in need of emergency repairs, as is so common during our rainy season here in the Northwest. Our crews came out and made emergency repairs including tarping the roof to prevent further moisture damage to the home.  Making sure the emergency repairs are done quickly and properly prevents even more costly repairs come time for the full replacement. 

As is typically the case once a roof has begun leaking, the best solution for this home was a full roof replacement.  The homeowner scheduled a roof replacement and our crews were back on site to reroof.  The weather damage was repaired, the original roof removed and a new Certainteed Architectural Roof was installed in Burnt Sienna.

Emergency Tarp...New Roof in Silverdale, WA

This home had all the signs of an aging roof that was in need of replacement.  This beautiful house in Silverdale WA had withstood many years of beatings from the PNW weather and was in need of an emergency tarp after one of our signature PNW winter wind and rain storms blew through.  These wise customers knew they didn't want to endure one more winter of storms without replacing their existing roof with a new Roofing System from Patriot Roofing.

Patriot replaced the roof and as a general contractor we also were able to take care of the additional storm damage by replacing siding, the affected framing and bay window.  This beautiful roof with Certainteed Landmark TL shingles in Shenandoah and new left protected gutters helps this home look refreshed and leaves the customer safe and dry for many years to come.

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