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Roof System Maintenance in Federal Way, Tacoma, & Nearby

Avoid costly repairs later with regular roof maintenance now!

Maintaining your roof will help prevent major repairs in the future.

Damage control. It's always good to deal with minor issues before they become major problems.

No roofing system will last forever, unfortunately. Eventually, the ravages of time will degrade your roof to the point where it is need of replacement and gutters will clog when ignored. However, regular maintenance lets you take care of problems with your roofing system early and greatly extends the life of your roof.

The roofing experts at Patriot Roofing are here to do just that. Whether you have debris on your roof, gutters in need of cleaning, or have moss growing along the shingles, we have you covered. Our experts can quickly inspect your roof and make the necessary corrections so you can keep your roof in good shape for as long as possible.

If you have an asphalt shingle or tile roof then you're eligible for our roof maintenance plans. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate for roof maintenance services in Lakewood, Federal Way, Tacoma, and nearby WA!

Our maintenance options include:

  • Debris Removal: Debris can quickly and naturally build up along your roof. While a small amount of debris might not seem like the biggest problem, it adds up quickly. Eventually, debris can start to wear down shingles and open cracks, leaving you vulnerable to future issues. Debris can even divert water into the house and cause roof leaks.  
  • Gutter Cleaning: Gutters can get clogged by all sorts of materials, including leaves, twigs, bird and bee nests, roofing materials, and more. These clogs then cause overflows which can damage your roof, siding, and even foundation. While some homeowners choose to clean their gutters personally, this is a tedious task that can often prove dangerous, especially for those who have difficulty climbing ladders.
  • Moss Treatment: Moss often seems like a cosmetic problem rather than a structural one. Unfortunately, it is actually quite risky to leave moss untreated. Untreated moss can quickly lead to a wide range of different roofing problems. Sometimes the moss leads to wood rot, sometimes it blocks drainage points (causing a whole new set of issues), but it always leads to a problem eventually.

Keep your roof in shape with regular roof maintenance!

Do you want your roof to last a long time? If the answer is yes then roof maintenance is essential. Whether you have debris that needs to be removed, moss to be treated, or gutters to be cleaned, the roofing experts at Patriot Roofing are here to help. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Federal Way, Tacoma, Lakewood, and nearby Washington.

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