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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Bainbridge Island Roof Replacement

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 by Michael Talpai


The roof on this home was on it's last leg and in need of replacing.  The shingles were broken and missing.  There were also humps underneath the shingles caused by fasteners making their way back up out of the plywood decking.  These humps were allowing wind and rain to get up underneath the shingles causing moisture problems and shingle loss.  

The attic revealed that the installed pipe flashing had failed and was leaking; allowing moisture into the plywood decking and attic space.  The ventilation had also been done improperly; incorrectly using roof vents and attic fans which should not be used with a ridge vent system.  Additionally, the ridge vent system that was there was inadequate, all creating a moisture rich environment in the attic space.


This Bainbridge Island home required a tear off across the whole home including garage.  As always, crews used tarps and plywood to protect the property, including plants & landscaping, during shingle removal. 

The roof deck was inspected and repaired as recommended after tear-off with 15/32nds CDX grade plywood, particularly where there were missing shingles and failed flashing. We always ensure that the deck is in excellent condition as to not place a new roof on a rotting or leaking deck. 

This job required installing a new drip edge, step, roof to wall and pan flashings.  Additionally we installed ice and water shield and CertainTeed’s Roofer’s Select underlayment as required for CertainTeed’s 5-STAR warranty.

In regards to ventilation, we installed (4) 4” flapper vents with new double insulated hoses for bathroom fan exhaust. The existing attic fan and static roof vent were blocked and repaired with plywood in preparation for the Ridge Vent.  Replacing the existing attic and static roof vent is an Air Vent Shingle Vent II, an externally baffled Ridge Vent, over main ridge areas for proper exhaust ventilation, to work in conjunction with existing intake ventilation. 

Additional reroofing details included new lead pipe boots over the existing plumbing stacks which we painted to match the roof as close as possible and new chimney roof flashings.

The customer was excited to replace an old existing skylight with a brand new Velux Skylight.

The crews installed CertainTeed Landmark AR Asphalt Shingles which have “StreakFighter technology” copper embedded and includes a 10-year algae-resistance warranty.

We also provided an AHERA (asbestos) Survey as required by USA EPA and WA State Dept. of Labor and Industries.  Permits were also acquired by Patriot and noted as additional cost (3% of the overall job cost) at the end of the job.

Despite care to ensure property was protected there was minimal damage done to decorative property during the job.  The damage issues were taken care of to the great satisfaction of the customer.

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