Why Insulate

Why Insulate Your Home?

For most homes, the attic is normally used as storage, and as such, is not regularly visited even by the homeowner. Because of this, many don't think that the attic should have its temperature controlled by having the room properly insulated. Unknown to many homeowners is the fact that air from the rooms beneath escapes to the uninsulated attic. This in turn allows the air to escape the home entirely, making insulation necessary in the attic as well.

For aging homes (10 years or older), proper insulation is key to maintaining the comfort and durability of the structure. Modern insulation can help homeowners to enjoy their home experience that much more by eliminating heat loss and drafty breezes. In the summer, attic insulation keeps cool, conditioned air from escaping, reducing the need for air conditioning. Patriot Roofing can provide an added comfort to your home with our blow-in insulation that few insulation contractors in Washington can match. We possess a great understanding of the climate in the area because we are residents ourselves, and have extensive experience in providing homes in Tacoma, Federal Way, Lakewood and the surrounding areas much-needed insulation.

Increasing energy efficiency with high quality insulation

Being comfortable is key to any happy home, and low energy bills can only help. The Department of Energy estimates that as much as one-third of the energy you use to heat and cool your home is lost through poorly insulated walls and ceilings. That loss can be eradicated by installing new insulation into your attic. This insulation will fill any gaps that are currently allowing air in and out of your home, and through years of experience our factory-trained staff has a keen eye for trouble areas in attics. If you think your home has unseen areas that are easily letting conditioned air escape, you can call on Patriot Roofing to find these areas and make sure that the rooms are properly insulated.

Installing the right type of home insulation you need

In a climate that can fluctuate like ours, it is not uncommon for condensation to build up on the interior walls of your home. With new, properly installed attic insulation, you can avoid this build up and the unsightly stains it can leave on your interior walls. Let the roofers that Puget Sound Area counts on for energy efficient insulation - Patriot Roofing - take away the possibility of extensive interior and exterior repairs by installing new insulation in your attic.

Whether your home requires blown-in insulation or roll insulation to be installed, our team will always take into account what is in your best interest. We'll then recommend the type of insulation that would best suit your needs. We use the highest quality materials available in the industry, and the expertise we provide ensures you get the optimum performance from the insulation investment you make. Call us today to get a free insulation estimate in Tacoma, Federal Way, Lakewood, Kent, Gig Harbor, Poulsbo, Auburn, University Place, Renton, Seattle and nearby.

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